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Marcus Olozulu

Marcus Olozulu was born in Conwy, North Wales in 1969. He later moved to Nigeria - Before returning to the UK as a young adult. He gained insight into two different cultures and started writing from an early age. His first piece of work was a script for a short film or play, called 'Transgression.' 'Wiccan,' 'Informants,' 'Naked chronicles of a gay man' and 'Transgression' are published on Amazon, all gaining positive reviews.


Marcus is an up and coming author of this generation, with a keen insight into the human condition. He presently lives in Milton Keynes and is currently working on two different projects,—one of his strategies to ensure his writing momentum is kept up—A satirical science fiction called 'Moonite' and volume 2 of 'Naked Chronicles of a gay man' which explores fetishes with a curious open-mind. His books to date exemplify good story telling, whilst being thought-provoking, inspiring and amusing. 

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